Personal coding projects


In an attempt to do more web-based programming, I’ve made a litte application for making mind maps. The initial idea came from brainstorming about finding jobs as a programmer and being too lazy to use pen and paper! I’ve recently turned it into a Rails app with Facebook login support.

Still WIP, but you can try it here. It’s hosted on a free Heroku account, so will take a while to wake up. Also on Github here.


As part of my MSc in Computing Science, I implemented a browser-based medical image viewer called ScanView. It’s designed for viewing medical image data in .nii format, as acquired from MRI, CT and other scanning devices. It’s based on the XTK Library. Some of its features are outlined in the diagrams below.

Check it out here. My final project report can be found here.

Owl Image Standard Layout - 3D, X, Y and Z View with loaded sample data
Owl Image Customisable Layout
Owl Image Annotation Management
Owl Image Colortables
Owl Image Volumetric Rendering and In-Canvas Info Overlays
Owl Image Loading and Comparison of multiple medical image data files
Owl Image Labelmap management


I created a database and management tool for Physio an der Bucht, a physiotherapy practice based in Berlin. It has been in use since July 2012, and is being continually improved. The database is built on MySQL, Python and Qt.

Owl Image Daily overview for appointments per staff, different icons for appointments, breaks, courses, notes and alerts
Owl Image Weekly overview for appointments per staff
Owl Image Gives notice of conflicting appointments (by time, room and staff)
Owl Image Prescription overview - lists all prescriptions with color coding for various information (completed perscription, missing appointments, etc)
Owl Image Client overview - lists all clients, with detailed client window and perscription and appointment history
Owl Image Doctor overview - lists all doctors, with detailed doctor window and perscription history
Owl Image Settings window - customise staff (display color, work hours, info), treatments, insurance companies