• Zombietown

    I’ve been trying to make another game! Rather than think of my own, I’ve attempted to create a clone of a game I liked: Rebuild2. It’s a strategy game where... More

  • As I mentioned in my last post, I recently started at Red Badger, and I now have an official employee profile page! Go check it out at! Also, I... More

  • Red Badger

    In another update, I’ve left Government Digital Service (GDS) after two years and now work at Red Badger, a digital consultancy right by Old Street. I joined middle of December... More

  • Trying out Contentful

    We’re using Contentful to manage web content for a project at work so I thought I would give it a go to combine it with Jekyll to maintain this website.... More

  • In an attempt to be a bit more professional about this website, it’s now being deployed via CircleCI 🎉 I’ve been looking at it as part of my new job... More

  • Match Three Update

    Reboot So I dusted off my MatchThree game the other day, after roughly 8 months of not looking at it. I had left it in a pretty wonky state. The... More

  • Ticket Checker

    I’ve made another thing (it’s been quite a while judging by the last post)! Over the weekend, I set up a script that periodically checks and emails me if tickets... More

  • Match Three Game

    So I’ve had a go at making a Match Three style game, similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush. Check out the work in progress here! I figured it would be... More

  • Isometric Game Test

    Over the weekend I managed to take some WebGL libraries (ThreeJS, BabylonJS) for a spin, and made a little demo reminiscent of isometric RPG-style games. Sadly you can only walk... More

  • CodeBar

    I went to my first CodeBar session! is a great non-for-profit organisation that aims to teach “underrepresented groups to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment”. The events... More

  • Property Prices UK

    I wrote a Rails app to display property prices in the UK over the last 10 years (2006-2015), based on data from the Land Registry. Written with Rails, BootStrap, ChartJS,... More

  • Happy New Year! I’ve rewritten the website with Jekyll. I stumbled across this nifty website generator recently updating and have come to appreciate the general file structuring and reuse... More

  • Parliament Visit

    Today, the e-petitions team from Unboxed was given a tour through Parliament, ending with a vist at the Lords’ bar! We finished work on e-petitions for Government Digital Services in... More

  • Brainstorm App

    In an attempt to do more web-based programming, I’ve made a litte application for making mind maps. The initial idea came from brainstorming about finding jobs as a programmer and... More

  • So much to explore

    So it is now February 2015 and I am looking for a job as a programmer. Progress on that front is slower than I would like, but it also an... More

  • Python Learnings!

    Been looking into something interesting (regarding Python anyway) today. I currently want to programatically analyse and edit python source code files. At first I thought I could just do some... More

  • Mars! Love this paragraph: “Musk has been pushing this line – Mars colonisation as extinction insurance – for more than a decade now, but not without pushback…. ‘I think we... More

  • I have found a word for it! That phenomenon for solving a programming problem when not even thinking about it. I had this happen lots of times during my recent... More

  • Long overdue update

    So I have finished my MSc in Computing Science at Imperial! It was a pretty hard slog right to the end, but in the end totally worth it. It does... More

  • Wellington

    I’m back in Wellington! This time for only a couple of months, to work on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. It’s great being back and seeing old... More

  • Mind readers!

    Wired: This app lets you control Google Glass with your thoughts!! “Right now, they have identified 18 different kinds of brain waves that could be used as commands. But for... More

  • Update

    Yikes, time flies when you’re NOT having fun, especially when occupied with exams and various course works! The whole 2-month exam period was not something I’d like to repeat again... More

  • An impressive speaker

    So this Wednesday, we had Vint Cerf do a talk at Imperial. Honestly I had never heard of him, but was already impressed by his iconic-sounding name. Turns out, Vint... More

  • A new challenge!

    So Enigma is done, handed in, and I’m feeling fairly confident about it. Hopefully I’ll get good grade to offset my other crap assignments (more on that later). But we’ve... More

  • Down the rabbit hole

    At the same time as I was struggling with my Enigma machine, various other assessed course works started to kick in. The most worrying of these is an assignment where... More

  • I wrote the last post in a flight of euphoria over having finished the enigma machine. This feeling was squashed completely in the next day or so when our lecturer... More

  • Enigma

    For our last C++ programming assignment, we’ve had to program an Enigma machine! This was a German invention, used by the Nazis during WW2 to send scrambled/encrypted messages to each... More

  • Placebo Buttons

    Yesterday, while working on a group course project, one of the guys in my group mentioned placebo buttons. What a cool concept!! It’s basically buttons in the public/private space whose... More

  • One thing I have noticed a couple of times now – when faced with a tricky logic or programming related problem, the solution will come to me only once I’ve... More

  • First Impressions

    So my first 2 weeks at Imperial College are behind me! I’ve enrolled in the MSc Computing Science this year to learn a bit more about programming and other computer-related... More

  • So far I’ve really been enjoying my experience at Imperial. One thing that stands out is the wealth of career-related events that Imperial hosts. This week for our course alone,... More