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  • Zombietown

    I’ve been trying to make another game! Rather than think of my own, I’ve attempted to create a clone of a game I liked: Rebuild2. It’s a strategy game where the player has to manage buildings and survivors in a zombie-infested cityscape.

    I’ve partially been using this project to get to grips with Redux and I’m still struggling a bit, as expanding functionality and introducing new concepts can be quite painful. Hopefully all the effort is worth it to avoid problems with state management at a later point though…

    Anyway, my latest progress is here on https://github.com/davidbasalla/zombietown

  • As I mentioned in my last post, I recently started at Red Badger, and I now have an official employee profile page! Go check it out at https://red-badger.com/people/david-basalla/!

    Also, I came across a couple of my blog posts from my time at GOV.UK. Unfortunately they are not the most exciting posts, as they’re just detailing some production incidents, but hey, any publicity is good publicity! :D

    PS: Writing these updates is so much easier with the new Contentful -> CirceCI workflow, very pleased with it!

  • Red Badger

    In another update, I’ve left Government Digital Service (GDS) after two years and now work at Red Badger, a digital consultancy right by Old Street. I joined middle of December 2017 and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. I’m learning loads about modern JavaScript, React and ReactNative, which is a welcome change after 3 years of Rails development.

  • Trying out Contentful

    We’re using Contentful to manage web content for a project at work so I thought I would give it a go to combine it with Jekyll to maintain this website. It was an interesting learning experience, diving deeper into CircleCI and deployment logistics.

    Before this change, I would add any new content as code in my Jekyll repository, build the site and then manually copy everything to my host server via ftp. Now I can create or update blog posts in the Contentful web UI and the changes are automatically pushed to my host server via the Contentful webhooks and automated build scripts in CircleCI. I’m planning to open up the repo on Github soon.

  • In an attempt to be a bit more professional about this website, it’s now being deployed via CircleCI 🎉 I’ve been looking at it as part of my new job at Red Badger, more on that hopefully soon…

    I mostly just followed the Jekyll and CircleCI docs. The actual deployment to the server is done with the net/ftp ruby library, since using the ftp command line tool didn’t allow for conveniently copying a directory tree structure.

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